Erica & Andrew Grub

Program Directors – Midtown Athletic Club

Andrew Grub

Andrew is an excellent seventh-grade student at Falcon Cove Middle School.  He loves spending his summers at Camp Blue Star in Hendersonville, North Carolina, which he has attended for the past 4 years.  Andrew is passionate about tennis and has played at Midtown Athletic Club in Weston, Florida for many years. In addition, he was a ball boy at the Miami Open last year. He started the ACEing Autism program at Midtown Athletic Club for his bar mitzvah project and will continue to run it in the future. 

Erica Grub

Erica Grub is a Speech-Language Pathologist who has practiced for over 20 years.  Erica’s work entails evaluating and providing speech-language services to children at her pediatric practice and at the Cambridge school in Weston, Florida. She specializes in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and has geared her practice to providing early intervention services. Erica, along with her son Andrew, started the program at Midtown Athletic Club in Weston, Florida. She enjoys helping to teach the children tennis skills while facilitating their interactions with their peers.