Juliana Kim

Program Director – Yorba Linda, CA

Juliana Kim was born in Orange, California, and is currently a senior at Yorba Linda High School, where she is the captain of the women’s varsity tennis team. She first helped with ACEing Autism in her freshman year of high school, falling in love with the kids as well as the sport. When volunteering, she took joy in seeing the children develop and open up as they eagerly came back each week to learn more about tennis. She loves that they are exposed to this sense of normality and community where they have a special opportunity to interact with other children in a safe space. Juliana has this desire to make a positive impact on anyone she encounters, even if that impact is a simple smile. She hopes to find a club similar to ACEing Autism at the university level, but if not, she will strive to form a club so that other students can fall in love with it, as she did freshman year.