Katie Harris

Program Director – Kansas City

Katie Harris was born in St. Louis, however, ventured on to Kansas City in 2000. She started playing tennis when she was 9 years old and other then a few injury breaks here and there, never stopped playing. Katie began coaching in St. Louis and then later brought that coaching to the Kansas City area as a high school coach.
Along with Katie’s love for tennis, she loves watching KU basketball and the Cardinals. She is also more then likely the biggest Rocky fan you’ll ever meet.
Katie received her Masters in Social Work from The University of Kansas and is a full-time School Social Worker who truly has a passion for people. She strives to always be an encourager and motivator to people, with a focus of helping individuals discover their true worth, potential, and dreams within, and then helping them become who they are supposed to be. When she learned about ACEing Autism and found out that it was not yet available in the Kansas City area, she was determined to change that and is very excited to now be a part of this amazing organization and team.