Paulette Evans

Program Director – Asheville, NC

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Paulette has been playing tennis since she discovered the game in high school.  She played several different sports throughout her life but until the opportunity for tennis lessons came along, tennis was a passing fancy. She quickly became hooked on the game and over the next 25 years has played wherever her home was at the time. Being a physical educator was very important to her as she believed that being involved in sports and games is very important for everyone.  This love of athletics led her to work in summer camps from NC to Maine.  After her 13 plus years in the camping arena, the love of sports took her to college athletics and recreation. It was the recognition of college sports as a way to a degree that took her to work as an academic counselor at the University of Texas and Georgia.  During her tenure at these universities, it was important to encourage the student-athletes to explore other sporting options. Tennis was the number one suggestion given as one the to try.  It is a life-time sport and is one that the family can do together.