Zachary Song

Program Director – Yorba Linda, CA

Zachary Song was born in Long Beach, California, and he is currently attending Yorba Linda High School in the graduating class of 2022. He helped start the very first ACEing Autism branch in Yorba Linda with his brother, AJ Song, four years ago and he continues to lead the branch to this day. Ever since Zach picked up a tennis racquet seven years ago it was clear that he absolutely loved the sport. He also possesses the passion to make a difference in the lives of people, no matter how small it may be. Fortunately, Zachary discovered ACEing Autism that successfully incorporates these two passions perfectly in each and every session. One of the things that Zachary loves about ACEing Autism is that it introduces the sport of tennis to autistic children, who otherwise would probably not have been exposed to it at all. It is this very fact that motivates Zachary to continue to lead this program in the future.