Autism Acceptance Month

ACEing Autism is excited to announce its 2021 Autism Acceptance Campaign, starting on April 1st, 2021 and running throughout the entire month. This year’s campaign will consist of two components detailed below:

Racquet Run

Sunday, April 11, through Sunday April 25, 2021


The goal is for participants—ACEing Autism families, volunteers, family members, friends—to run, jog or walk (from anywhere!) over the two-week Racquet Run period—while holding a tennis racquet!

Participants will be running for the ACEing Autism program location closest to their home. Location HERE.

PRIZES!! Participants from the top 3 programs by distance completed will receive an ACEing Autism prize package! ALL Racquet Run participants from program locations that reach 54 miles—1 in 54 is the present autism diagnosis rate in the U.S.—will receive a special token from ACEing Autism.

*Each participant MUST register using this form for their distances to count toward their city/town’s total. Participants must submit an entry from each run, jog or walk over the two-week period (via Google Form sent upon registration).

image for event racquet run 2021

The ACEing Autism Racquet Run aims to:

      1. Fundraise to keep your program affordable for all
      2. Hold trainings for new and returning volunteers to ensure clinics are carried out at a consistently high-quality level.
      3. Generate program awareness to attract new families, volunteers and create new program locations!

Social Media Campaign

Tell Us Your Story

Tell us your story by emailing us so we can share it throughout April

  1. What are your hopes or dreams for your child(ren) or students?
  2. Can you tell us some of the obstacles your child(ren) and family, or students, have overcome?
  3. If you advocate for the autism community, how and why do you do it?

In your response, please include your first and last name, a picture of you and your child (if you don’t have any, you can send 2 pictures: one of you and one of your child(ren)), any social media accounts you may have so we can tag you.

Facebook Live

We will have 3 different events throughout April with dates and names to be confirmed very soon. The 3 events will consist of discussions with:

  1. April 2nd: Tyler Larsen (NFL Player for the Washington Football team and the father of a son diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder)
  2. April 13th at 4:00PM PST: Daniel Mendoza: BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst)
  3. April 21st at 4:30PM PST: Kendall and Laurel Coughlin  (Volunteers for the program in Mooresville, NC)
  4. Last week of April: Tim and Mark Mockett  (ACEing Autism participant)