Dick Stockton played in the Winbledon and French Open semifinals back in the 1970’s, and was on the U.S. Davis Cup team five times. But on Saturday he was using the sport he loves to help fight autism.The Wellington resident was the guest of Compete2Give at the Wellington Tennis Center, acting as the honorary tennis coach at the Ace-ing Autism Team Tennis Event. World Autism Awareness Day was the perfect time to see kids with autism having fun on the tennis courts themselves.

“(It’s great for them to) hit a few tennis balls and have some fun,” says Stockton, “and probably more than anything else build some more confidence in their own lives.””We know some children who have autism, “says Stone Sacks, Compete2Give co-founder with his brother Jett, “and we really wanted to help them have better lives,”Compete2Give raises money for charities and individuals while strengthening communities through competitive “fun-raising” events involving youth and families.Full article click here