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2020 Roundup

Much of 2020 has been hard for everyone. It’s been especially difficult for ACEing Autism knowing that the children we serve have had their education, support services and physical activity and fitness curtailed for almost a year. Isolation has been exponentially hard for these families. Behaviors that have improved have in cases regressed.

It’s been painful for us at ACEing Autism, unable to deliver on-court programming that empowers kids to be physically and socially active. We did our best throughout the pandemic to offer virtual programming to continue serving our families. As we enter 2021, the ability to offer live on-court tennis sessions continues to be a dynamic day-to-day challenge, dependent on federal, local law, facility limitations, and the safety of our families, staff, and volunteers.

As we exit the pandemic, ACEing Autism has a clear and ambitious growth plan to bring more programs and services to thousands of families over the next five years. In pursuit of this goal, ACEing Autism continues to maintain sound financial health. To expand and serve more, we’ll count on the generosity of individual supporters, foundations and partners.

We are tremendously grateful for the generosity of our community and donors. Thanks to you, we look forward to being able to return to the courts with our students and continue to expand our proven programs to more communities and schools across the nation.

Revenue FY20 (Ending June 30, 2020): $1,160,329
revenue pie chart
Expenses FY20 (Ending June 30, 2020): $964,794

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