ACEing Autism is committed to transparency in financial reporting and sharing the meaningful impact of our work with our supporters and families.

2022 Success

The financial health of ACEing Autism is positive. 


The generosity of ACEing Autism donors and the participation of families in our programs is resulting in income growth. Expenses were managed well during the pandemic to ensure organizational sustainability. Strategic investments in program expansion to serve more children and enrich their life experience are made commensurate with growth in supporting income. 


During FY22, we experienced more interest in family participation, and from communities wanting to start a new program, than ever before. As demand for our programs grows, we’re committed to doing our best to deliver more opportunities without sacrificing the quality experience of each and every individual child. 


To expand, serve more, strive for continuously rewarding on-court experiences and measure outcomes, we’ll count on the generosity of individual supporters, foundations and partners. We’ll remain committed to applying these resources to helping kids enjoy health and happiness.

Revenue FY22 (Ending June 30, 2022): $1,336,924
Expenses FY22 (Ending June 30, 2022): $1,321,836

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ACEing Autism is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization. Your donations help us buy necessary tennis equipment, teaching supplies, pay for court time, support autism community events and invest in growing our program.

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