Hi everyone, I am currently writing this blog from my flight from LAX to Guadalajara. I finished up yesterday in San Diego where I made the finals of the womens doubles and and flying out now to my next tournament! Quick turnaround, but that’s part of the job. I only have 3 events left, and the one I’m really looking forward to is the WTA Finals.

Every year (except during COVID-19), the WTA has a race to the end of the year tournament called WTA Finals, which is compromised of the top 8 singles players & doubles teams who have collected the most points together throughout the year. Last Monday, it was announced that my partner Gaby Dabrowski and I have qualified for the event. This is my second time qualifying for the event and it’s just as exciting at the first one. Qualifying for this prestigious event means a lot to me and to our team. For me, it’s a reflection of all the hard work we’ve put in and the results we’ve had all year. I felt like we really earned our spot and I am very much looking forward to competing with the best in Forth Worth, Texas.

Last year, I qualified for the first time with my partner Sharon Fichman. It was exciting of course because it was both of our first times, but what made it extra special for me was that I was the first woman from Mexico to ever qualify for the WTA Finals in singles or doubles and it was hosted in my home country of Mexico. The support there was unmatched. I played night matches everyday, going on as late as 10:30pm one day and everyday the crowd was there. Going into the tournament, I had no expectations except for enjoying the tournament and atmosphere and I did just that. I smiled in all our matches and embraced all the fans. The crowd was so loud my partner and I had trouble hearing each other at times, I felt like we were at a soccer game.

Unfortunately, we didn’t win any matches in the Round Robin last year, but I gained so much confidence and experience from that event. This time going into the WTA Finals, I still don’t have any expectations except to have fun and enjoy myself out there. My goal is win one more match than last year so good thing I set the bar low last year! It’s no easy task qualifying for this event so I am very much looking forward to enjoying the experience, atmosphere and competition in Fort Worth!

Thank you to everyone at Aceing Autism who has supported me, come to my matches this year or just followed my career along. It’s been cool for me to meet new people along the way and I am thankful to tennis for introducing me to my Aceing autism family!