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Meet Merritt George, a 5 year old tennis player diagnosed with autism last year and who attends the ACEing Autism Fort Worth program at the McLeland Tennis Center.

According to his mother, Merritt “enjoys reading and playing the Nintendo Switch. He has an amazing memory and loves to share funny movie quotes with us.”

His biggest obstacle has been overcoming major speech challenges. “At age 3, sometimes even as his parents we couldn’t understand him and it was so frustrating for him. But he’s worked incredibly hard and now has no problems being understood and loves to chat with anyone… when he feels like it. 😀”

To work on it, Merritt attended speech therapy twice a week for the last 3+ years. “We are so fortunate that Merritt loves to learn and loves letters. His own dedication to speech was far beyond expectations as he would ask us to go through his word cards & even now I hear him practicing his sounds.” 

To help Merritt communicate, Laurie and Darien taught him sign language for basic needs, which helped a lot. Bust most of all, “as his parents, we are most proud of his innate love of learning, we love it and support his interests in any way we can.”

We are excited to have Merritt as part of our family. Join us in congratulating him for his hard work. 

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