Whenever we finish an @aceingautism session, I love to look back and reflect. To see what was successful, how we can improve, and the progress everyone made with the session. I do this to gauge what we could work on before the next session.

This was our second clinic after COVID-19 hit, although this session may have not been as successful, in the sense that we only had one participant. I’m grateful that we were able to have that time and able to really focus on that participant. I’m also super grateful for all the new volunteers and super proud of their work during the sessions.

I’ve had the honor of leading the last two clinics we have held. I’ve learned so much about how to properly handle situations and learn more about how participants learn. I’ve discovered how to successfully catch this particular participant’s attention and keep them engaged throughout the session. Because of this, it has allowed us to better provide for the participant all through the clinic. This leadership role has brought me a lot of responsibility when it comes to helping both the volunteers and participants.

We hope that by the next clinic we will come back stronger, with more participants and more volunteers. I appreciate all the efforts and dedication from both parties, it has made this clinic so successful and enjoyable. I’m so excited to see what the next clinic has in store for us!!

Overall, I think this session was very successful in the improvement of skills, both tennis and communication from the participant.