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My son does have anxiety sometimes, especially when he first started with the program, but the instructors and volunteers made him feel welcome and provided an environment that was fun, encouraging and goal driven. It made him feel very comfortable and excited to be there! I never would have thought he would grow to love the sport so much.

Shenita Brown - ACEing Autism Mom Designation

ACEing Autism was great for her because it wasn’t a team sport, there weren’t too many kids at once and it wasn’t stressful. Even during her very first class, she was comfortable quickly. I wasn’t worried before her first day because people knew she had autism. And during the session, it was so great because she could be herself.

Jolie McNulty - ACEing Autism mom Designation

He can normally stay focused for 10 to 15mn at a time so I’m really proud of him that they were able to hold his attention for the full hour.

Cordijah Ward - ACEing Autism Mom Designation

    Our tennis programs benefit your
    child in many ways, with the
    overall goal being to have FUN!

    Our goal is to provide an hour break for parents during which you can watch your child develop into a tennis player! Our clinics aim to develop your child’s motor skills, hand eye coordination, build confidence and improve their general socialization, all within a FUN, controlled environment.

    Our Program Directors typically have either tennis or autism backgrounds, sometimes even both! We aim to have tennis professionals run the clinics supported by at least one volunteer per child. Some children do great with one volunteer, others fare better with more or different types of support. We try to do what is right for your child. We feel it is our priority to provide a high level of attention to your child while he/

    she is enjoying tennis with ACEing Autism. We look for every opportunity to incorporate best practices for working with children with ASD into our clinics.

    During all classes we provide a tennis racquet that your child can borrow and a t-shirt which they can take home. We typically include an award ceremony during the last clinic of each program session to celebrate each child’s unique and individual progress.

    Have a look at our locations page to find a location near you.

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