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Three years ago, Michelle McCarthy took her son, Milo McCarthy, for the first time to an ACEing Autism program near her in Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania.

As Michelle wanted to find an activity for her son to do, she found ACEing Autism through an autistic resource service called Aboard. Over the next three years, she has seen her son make great progress on and off the court. “ACEing Autism has definitely helped his confidence, social skills and core strength,” Michelle tells me, as she is attending to Milo, on the other end of the line.

With three children, Michelle definitely has her hand full, but she still took the time to talk to us about Milo and his progression.

“As the time passes, Milo has learned more about people’s space, how to take turn and how to respect each other’s turn,” the proud mom tells us.” He really enjoys tennis and seeing him get better on the court and interact with others makes me extremely happy,” Michelle says.

When thinking about other aspects that Milo has improved on, Michelle went back to social skills. An example that came to her mind was that she noticed that Milo was gentler with his racquet and that also applied to his social skills with people around him.

Finally, when asked what else she enjoyed about the program, her response was immediate to highlight the volunteers working with Milo and the Program Director. “The staff has been very kind with me, very professional but loving as well,” she said.

We want to congratulate Milo on all his hard work and we look forward to having him back on court with us really soon!