School-Based Programs


ACEing Autism offers tennis clinics during school P.E. classes with partnering elementary, middle, and high schools in an effort to reach more children with autism and offer the time and space to play tennis more frequently throughout the year.

How It Works

P.E. and classroom teachers are trained on the ACEing Autism tennis curriculum, and lead a 30-minute tennis class, two times a week, to 10 students at a time. Whether a child has tennis experience or not, our curriculum will cater to any child’s individual abilities and needs!


In 2018, school-based programming began with partnerships at Sam Adams School in Boston, MA and The Help Group in Los Angeles, CA. Two classrooms of students at each school were introduced to a brand new P.E. class, where they got the chance to learn tennis twice per week throughout the school year.


Integrating ACEing Autism’s adaptive tennis curriculum into school P.E. classes creates a long-term, weekly opportunity to foster the enjoyment of fitness, gain interest in a new sport, and increase social skills, turn-taking, and concentration. Teachers have noted gains in these areas during both P.E. class and the classroom.