1:1 Virtual Class Training Resources

Please explore the resources below to familiarize yourself with our Visual Schedule, 1:1 Virtual Class Training Manual, Virtual Engagement Guide, and video examples of each clinic. Please view each clinic video on YouTube for ideas on how to run each 20-40 minute Zoom clinic.

1:1 Virtual Class Manual


Volunteer Manual

Virtual Engagement

Read our quick guide on how to engage with participants and make your virtual lessons beneficial.


Visual Schedules

Please download both Visual Schedule PDFs and have them ready for your Zoom Clinics. Be sure to use the visual schedule that makes the most sense for the participant you are working with.

Visual Schedule Left-Handed Players


Visual Schedule Right-Handed Players


1:1 ZoomTennis Clinic

As an additional resource, check out the link below for an example 1:1 ZoomTennis Clinic from start to finish!