ACEing Autism is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization.

We are looking for caring, energetic people to volunteer two hours each week to give back to their community and help us teach the game of tennis to children with autism.

All types of volunteers are welcome, from local high school and college teams, tennis enthusiasts, special education teachers, ABA therapists, speech-language pathologists, and occupational therapists to name a few. 

It is a chance for you as a volunteer to brush up on your tennis skills and gain valuable experience helping children on the autism spectrum improve their social skills and physical fitness. Knowing how to play tennis is not a prerequisite to volunteering, but it helps!

Please go to our Locations page to find a program near you and contact your local program director, or email us at

Join our team of over 1000+ volunteers in 70 cities across the country for this fun and unique program.

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See What Our Volunteers Have To Say

“Thank you for the opportunity to help out. The Program is awesome and incredibly fulfilling! ACEing Autism is really special and I feel so fortunate to participate. Thank you!!”

Rob Gregoire Volunteer, Pittsburgh Program

“I love volunteering for ACEing Autism, seeing all our work come together and getting these kids onto the court makes me so happy! I am also excited to by all these volunteers in action, who are all so dedicated to the program.”

Morgan Brady Program Director, Tulane Program

“ACEing Autism’s Pittsburgh launch was incredibly successful! It made me proud to see a young team of people volunteering their time to change the lives of children with autism. Pittsburgh is such a supporter of the autism community, so it was great to have so many parents support the program and bring their children to participate. Read MoreWhat I love most about ACEing Autism’s process is the intricate system that monitors each child’s progress on a weekly basis. ACEing Autism is a world-class organization and I strongly believe that the high quality of service offered will make a difference in each child’s life, including teaching them valuable social skills and transferable skills for landing a job and building a career. I am proud to be in such wonderful company with a strong and knowledgeable administration, heroic volunteer force, and team of loving children.

Sara Longo Program Director, Pittsburgh Program

“It was such a rewarding experience volunteering at ACEing for autism! The kids were a joy to work with they were all so happy, and it was awesome to bring a sport that means so much to myself to them! It was awesome to meet Richard and Alex! The fact that they flew out for the launch shows how involved and committed they are to seeing the program succeed!”

Alexa Miller Volunteer, Pittsburgh Program

“Working with autistic children was challenging yet rewarding because I was able to see the children’s appreciation for being taught tennis! It was a remarkable experience! Thanks so much!”

Megan Wasson Volunteer, Pittsburgh Program


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    Once we receive your submission, we will put you in touch with your local program director to finalize the process. In the meantime, please review the documents below. 

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    ACEing Autism is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization. Your donations help us buy necessary tennis equipment, teaching supplies, pay for court time, support autism community events and invest in growing our program.


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