For our last spotlight, meet Izzy Yoos, a dedicated volunteer from our Pittsburgh program.

Always passionate about special needs children, Izzy didn’t hesitate to volunteer for ACEing Autism when she heard about it. “I’ve always been surrounded by this environment,” the now Court Lead explained. “Within our physical district, schools have teachers specifically for these students. I’ve been involved with the Life Skills program since 9th grade, which helps them prepare to work with other people their own age.”

Now committed to the University of South Carolina, Izzy has been dedicated to ACEing Autism since February 2021, quickly gaining more responsibility such as Court Lead and leading a Halloween fundraiser late last year. “Tennis has been a huge part of my life since I was 8 years old, so this was a perfect combination of my passions,” the 18 year old said excitedly. 

On top of all this work, the Upper St Clair resident was also involved with the Miracle League Program for a year (it was shut down due to the pandemic). “MLP is a huge Pittsburgh baseball program for special needs kids and I helped with games.”

An always energetic and positive person, Izzy is hoping to be even more involved. “I would love to start my own ACEing Autism program there once I’m settled,” the bubbly brunette, who is looking forward to a bigger school, said.

But that’s not it, since she started volunteering with ACEing Autism, she has also been trying to spread the knowledge near her town. “We have nothing like this up by us, so I’m trying to speak more programs in the suburbs,” she said as she lives 30 minutes from downtown Pittsburgh.

Please, join us in congratulating Izzy on her commitment to the University of South Carolina and to her community.