Adult Programs

Program Locations


While we are currently prioritizing expanding our community and school-based programs, ACEing Autism definitely desires to be part of the solution for the growing need to serve adults with ASD. To that end, we are currently piloting adult programs in limited locations and expect that  adult programs will factor into our longer term goals.

How It Works

Weekend clinics are run by trained Program Directors and adult volunteers from different communities in the area. Our clinics are group tennis lessons using the full tennis court, with volunteers leading and modeling tennis drills to advance participants’ tennis skills. Whether you have tennis experience or not, our curriculum will cater to your individual abilities and needs.


ACEing Autism’s Youth Community Program began in 2008, but a gap still existed in recreational programs for adults with autism. In 2017, there were approximately 3.5 million people in the US with autism—2.5 million being adults. In 2018, we piloted two successful Adult Community Programs in Dallas, TX and Auburn, AL. We continue to expand and improve the quality of our program with the help of our Program Directors, volunteers, and BCBA Quality Control Managers.


ACEing Autism’s adaptive tennis curriculum creates an opportunity and safe, patient, and fun space for adults with autism to foster the enjoyment of fitness, gain interest or skill in tennis, and increase social skills and confidence. Our community programs offer a space for everyone to be themselves and have fun while learning tennis! Coaches & volunteers lead participants through drills, tennis skills, and games, advancing each step based on each individual.