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How Do Children Benefit From ACEing Autism?

We seek to learn and improve. ACEing Autism Program Directors in more than 80 communities assessed changes in children’s tennis, motor, behavioral and social skills, along with repetitive behaviors, mood, and on-task engagement based on participation in a six to eight-week ACEing tennis program.

UCLA Center for Autism Research & Treatments (UCLA CART) partners with ACEing Autism to learn how tennis benefits kids with autism. UCLA CART also helped with the survey and analysis of results. Here is what we’ve discovered.

Areas of Improvement


The survey results indicate that there are broad areas of improvement in both motor and non-motor areas after participation in the adapted tennis program as reported by Program Directors. Tennis skills, motor skills, and social skills showed the greatest area of improvement, suggesting that ACEing Autism is particularly well adapted to engage children in group-based tennis and motor activities that are also socially engaging with other participants and volunteers.
This survey further proves ACEing Autism is a great vehicle to help connect kids through tennis through adapted warm up & racquet skills, hand-eye coordination drills, and games. Well-developed motor skills are crucial for adaptive skills, engaging in fine motor activities such as handwriting, and for building a foundation for children to continue to engage in OPA and other physical activity. ACEing Autism assesses participants’ improvement annually.
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