What to expect on your first day

Each clinic is approximately one hour, held on the weekends. Each week we follow our 9-step curriculum with the following activities: 

  • Introduction and Visual Schedule 
  • Group warm-up
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Racquet skills
  • Volleys
  • Groundstrokes
  • Serve
  • Games
  • Final cheer

Our Program Directors and volunteers create a fun, social environment, and choose activities where each child can be successful. We’ve included a video below that highlights what a typical ACEing Autism clinic looks like and we encourage you to watch with your child ahead of your first clinic.

We encourage all children to dress comfortably in athletic clothes and sneakers.

Racquets will be provided each week. However, you are welcome to bring your child’s own racquet if they prefer it.

We require parents to stay on site and near the court during each clinic.

Our goal is to have you watch your child, connect with other parents, and give you respite, but we are a very flexible program. We welcome your presence on the court if you feel that your child is in need of added support and structure. We ask that you work with us to determine what is best for your child and keep in mind the experiences of the other children in the program.

If a child needs to take a break, they can do so at any time. Most participants will have a 1:1 volunteer ratio, which allows us to meet their needs, including taking breaks and moving at their own pace.

General questions about the program

Not necessarily. We understand that it is often a lengthy process to get a diagnosis, particularly in younger children. Our focus continues to be on children with ASD, but we welcome children with other closely-related developmental conditions that may prevent them from accessing mainstream recreational activities. We will work with you to determine if our program is a good fit for your child.

Absolutely. Please let us know if there are other forms of communication your child uses (i.e. signs, PECS, etc.) and we will do our best to accommodate their needs. We have had successful participation from children who use augmentative communication devices and welcome their use on the court.

We’ve included a video below that highlights what a typical ACEing Autism clinic looks like and we encourage you to watch with your child ahead of your first clinic.

For liability purposes, we require registration forms to be completed. If the program is not a good fit, we will issue you a refund.

Siblings can sometimes be positive role models and help children engage in the lesson, however, all decisions are on an individual basis depending on court space. Please reach out for these requests.

No, it is not required. Volunteers can accompany your child to the bathroom, but if they need assistance, we ask that you be responsible for that.

Of course! Social connection is a very important program goal. We will accommodate your requests whenever possible and appropriate.

We strive to keep costs affordable for families and do offer scholarships. The cost of the program varies based on location and program schedule—please refer to your specific program page on the website. Registration fees are used for program operation expenses (courts, equipment, etc.).

Yes, registration fees for the entire session are paid online upon completion of the registration form. If you need assistance, please apply for a scholarship here.

If a clinic is canceled by the program director, we will provide you with a refund or credit for the next session.

We do not offer refunds for clinics that families miss, however, we will certainly try to be as accommodating as possible. All refunds will be issued at the end of the session.

Safety is a priority on the court. All Program Directors are SafePlay certified and background checked, and all volunteers 18 years and older are background checked. Embedded into our training are best practices, such as providing a first aid kit, the appropriate volunteer to participant ratios and ensuring participants maintain a safe distance from one another.

What does a typical ACEing Autism clinic look like?

We understand that as a parent, you want your child to be as prepared as possible before their first ACEing Autism clinic. We encourage you to watch this video with your child to gain a better understanding of the ACEing Autism tennis experience.