School-Based Programs

In early 2018, we began implementing our program in schools with the knowledge that we can make a larger impact, as kids will be able to play more hours of tennis per year. Each school has students playing tennis twice per week as part of their P.E. class, led by the physical education teacher. We now have teachers delivering our curriculum at 32 schools across the country, reaching an average of 30 kids per school. Over 1,300 students are benefiting from our curriculum.

Are you interested in bringing a positive and life-changing activity to your school? Learn what it takes to start a program.


We ask schools to make a minimum of a two-year commitment, delivering our curriculum two days per week for at least six weeks.


Our school-based programs can be delivered by your school’s PE teacher or a teacher with an interest in tennis.

What's Provided

We provide complete training as well as a full curriculum and all necessary equipment to successfully run your program.

Program Cost

Our school-based programming is free to students who are enrolled in the school. In addition, there is no fee for the school.

School-Based Program Locations

These school-based programs are reserved for students enrolled in these schools.