Meet Colby Ostrowsky

Meet Colby Ostrowsky, who has been a participant in the ACEing Autism program at The Longfellow Tennis Club in Wayland over the past year.


Colby, who is 9, has always been very athletic and coordinated, but has struggled with paying attention and following directions. According to her Grandma, Jane Ostrowsky, “she could do the warm-up drills, but it was challenging for her to stay on the court, so I would have to close the door to prevent her from running off the courts. Now, Colby is much more focused and only comes out for water breaks. She loves volleys and hanging out with the other kids and can stay the whole hour. Her parents, Lauren and David Ostrowsky, and her Grandpa, Mark Ostrowsky and I are so proud of Colby!”


Her Grandma explained further that even though Colby is non-verbal, she is very vocal and is happy in the clinic, often laughing and likes being with the other kids. She also has bonded with her volunteer tennis instructors, Alex and Jessica, and loves helping them pick up the balls.


She shared that it was wonderful to have a structured program that instilled confidence and made her feel special. Most importantly, she noted that these wonderful tennis instructors give Colby and all the children their undivided attention and as a result ACEing Autism is a huge success!


As Colby’s Grandma concluded this interview, she said, ” This program means so much to Colby and her family. Her parents look forward to this structured, fun activity on Sunday afternoons. And, as you can see from the photos accompanying this article, Colby is so proud of the medal she received as a participant!


We all hope ACEing Autism continues for many years to come!”

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