Meet Molly McGregor

Meet  Molly McGregor, an 11 year old social butterfly who just started with ACEing Autism Northville this Spring.

“She needs to get her energy out,” her mother Jennifer McGregor laughed when asked about her reasons for signing up. “She is really social and has done a lot of sports like adaptive soccer, special needs gymnastics or swimming lessons.”

Molly was born with a genetic disorder which manifested with low muscle tones. “It took a while, like 2 years, but they found what caused her delay,” Jennifer explained. “But the ASD diagnosis actually happened this past February and now she’s able to get behavioral support as well as other therapies.”

As the proud mom mentioned, it helps to explain her a little bit better. “She struggles more with coordination, physical things.” But all her activities have helped her tremendously and amongst them ACEing Autism. “She loved it, she was excited to go every week, and knew some peers there so she had a lot of fun. ”Even though she gets really motivated by the games, she likes the actual tennis, she wants to practice at home,” Jennifer happily shared. “We do volleys every morning when she waits for the bus,” she laughed.

As she talks about the session, Jennifer noticed some great improvements. “She could make contact with the ball better and she now knows how to hold the racquet properly.” As the conversation continues, Jennifer goes on to explain that on top of helping Molly, ACEing Autism has also been beneficial to her. “There were some parents I knew, so it was great to catch up with them. The special needs world is small so we get to catch up and share experiences.” 

Congratulations Molly on your first session and all your progress. We can’t wait to see you next session!

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