Meet Quinn Webb

Quinn Webb is a 15 year-old athlete from our Pittsburgh, PA, program. Diagnosed at two and a half years old, Quinn first overcame some speech impairments, and thanks to ACEing Autism, he is currently developing new social and motor skills. “Quinn has always needed help with hand-eye coordination and tennis has definitely helped him,” the mother of two explained. 

“We really wanted our son to be involved in a sport that we could all do together,” Trisha continues. “We’ve played here and there but we’re all picking it up at the same time so it’s been fun.”

Since starting in the Spring of 2022, the high schooler has picked up the skills and the game pretty quickly. “The program helps him with focus, it gives him the opportunity to do things outside of school, and working on these skills has been beneficial for him. The fact that there are opportunities for these kids has helped him a lot,” the cheery mom said.

As she goes on, she talks about how much energy Quinn has and how great it’s been for him to have an outlet to get it out. “I also love the opportunity to talk to other parents who are in the same situation and it gives us ideas (tennis lessons for example).”

She was also impressed with all the volunteers and so happy to see the relationships form. “They get to know the kids and the children are so happy to see them. I was a little nervous at first but he warmed up right away to each volunteer, which is not always the case,” she chuckled.

As we come toward the end of the discussion, Trisha acknowledges that ACEing Autism has evened the field for him a little bit. “He transitioned to High School and I think he is more aware of things he can and can’t do compared to his brother for example. But this, he loves it, he doesn’t always like to do something on weekends, but for tennis, he has no problem,” she laughed. 

Quinn, who plays bass clarinet and participates in his school band, continues to make great strides as he keeps improving his social and motor skills on and off the court. 

Congratulations on all your achievements and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

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