Rohun Krishnan: ITA Arthur Ashe Jr. Leadership and Sportsmanship Award.

“When I first saw the West Coast award, I was with my parents. My coach texted me the news, and I started leaping up, yelling ‘I got it!’ and it made my day. Then, when the National award came out, I couldn’t contain my smile,” Rohun Krishnan, a former Program Director for our Claremont program in California told us when talking about receiving the prestigious ITA Arthur Ashe Jr. Leadership and Sportsmanship Award.


That award recognizes outstanding student-athletes in all five divisions at the regional and national level. This prestigious accolade is presented to the men’s and women’s national student-athletes who have exhibited outstanding sportsmanship and leadership, as well as scholastic, extracurricular and tennis achievements, according to the ITA website.


Not only did the senior student athlete at Pomona-Pitzer College win the West Coast award, he then earned the national ITA Arthur Ashe Jr. Leadership and Sportsmanship Award in the Community Involvement category. That amazing achievement won him a trip to New York City during the US Open, along with other ITA award winners! “From what I’ve researched, there are so many amazing events like the dinner ceremony at the Yale Club, meeting Stan Smith, and spending time with younger players from the Cary Leeds program,” he eagerly explained. “I’m particularly excited about that last part as I really enjoy working with kids, and mentorship is a huge value of mine.”


But this acknowledgment should come at no surprise to those who know him. As someone who is always looking to give back to his community and share his love of the sport, Rohun has already made a big impact in his community. As the CCEMS President, an emergency medical services club, he led fentanyl test strips and narcan distribution to students because of overdoses in his community. He also taught CPR and First Aid skills to over 50 students. So, when he found ACEing Autism seven years ago, it was a perfect match to continue his life of service. 


“When I got to Pomona, it felt natural to start a program with my teammate, Matthew Feng. We both found that focusing on something other than ourselves, especially bringing the love of our sport to kids with autism, brought us immense joy,” the economics major and chemistry minor, added. “I’ve realized that I value my community and having skills is great, but sharing those skills and giving someone else joy is what I want to do in life. It signaled to me what fulfillment might look like.


Rohun, who currently has a 3.95 GPA, has felt that this award was another indication that he is on the right path. “It means a lot! I believe the world is full of signals pointing you in directions that best fit your passions and talents. This award was a wonderful indication that I’m on the right path and should keep pursuing my work towards serving others.”

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