Akron, Ohio tennis program is a warm and supportive environment for players with autism

ACEing Autism has served the adaptive tennis community since it was founded in 2008 by Richard Spurling and Dr. Shafali Jeste in Boston, Mass. In the beginning, it was a small, family-run organization fueled by the unwavering support of volunteers and advocates. Today, there are 100+ programs across the United States, and Akron, Ohio just won Program of the Year!

The announcement said: Congratulations to Akron for being ACEing Autism’s Program of the Year in 2023! Program Directors Katie Orlando and Tammy Simone, along with their team of volunteers, have built a warm and supportive environment where all of their athletes can actively engage and enjoy the sport of tennis… Additionally, Akron has been one of our pioneer sites introducing adult programming.

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