ACEing Autism Celebrates 15 Years Where it All Started!

On October 10, during a beautiful night in Boston, MA, Founder Richard Spurling, President Philip Milburn, Board Chair Rob Lapides and Board members Mira Tamir-Spiegel and Peter Kotsifas, hosted over 40 early ACEing supporters, participants, and families from the original Wayland program, to celebrate 15 years of fun, fitness, and family, where it all started. 


In addition to early supporters, families, Program Directors, and volunteers, current families of the Wayland program also united to look back and look ahead. Richard Spurling reflected on the early start, the national reach, and success the organization enjoys today. He emphasized, “It’s been a wonderful journey, made possible because of dedicated families and tremendous volunteers.” 


Philip Milburn added, “ACEing reflects a powerfully positive culture. It’s hard to imagine what the next 15 years will look like, but we have a very good outlook on what will unfold during the next 3 years. We’re all poised to reach 10,000 children and families, partner with more schools, and continue discovering impressive outcomes for children and their families from the unique experiences at ACEing clinics.”

The dinner was a celebration, a reunion, and an exciting look ahead. One of the best parts of the evening was Richard acknowledging several players in attendance, seeing their smiles, and hearing them talk about the friends they’ve made and the fun they’ve enjoyed on-court.

Happy birthday, ACEing Autism family! Here’s to 15 years of fun, fitness, and family. Congratulate ACEing Autism and 15 wonderful years by joining Serving ACES today to support the next 15 years.

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