Great Neck, NY

We’re excited to check-in with first time Program Director Jessica Shapiro and her Assistant Program Director Larisa Davidson, who took over the Great Neck program this year.

“The support of the community has been huge, like the Great Neck Park District and the Epic Enrichment Center,” Jessica mentioned. “We have a lot of volunteers and most of them come every weekend, they really enjoy it, they’re committed and excited to be there,” she said appreciatively.

Larisa then continued by saying that she has seen the connections volunteers and athletes have been developing, leading to some great improvements. “We have 2 boys who came to the US Open clinic and now in just a few weeks, they have made some huge progress,” she explained. “They look forward to it, and they now play doubles with their volunteer buddy.” she happily shared.

She also reflects on this session and how much of a great learning experience it was. “My fear was that the first session everyone would show up but maybe the 2nd they wouldn’t, but at the end we had more and more people join.”

She also noticed that one of the boys who was having a tougher time following the clinic, eventually settled in and now takes part in the clinic.

They are excited to say that they are planning a Spring session, so stay tuned for updates!

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