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Community Programs

At ACEing Autism, we believe in the transformative power of sports. We offer weekly tennis clinics tailored specifically for children with autism aged 5 to 18. Our clinics provide a supportive and inclusive environment where children can learn, grow, and have fun on the tennis court. Our seasonal sessions run for six to eight weeks at a time, providing opportunities for progress throughout the year. Each individual clinic is structured to last one hour, and is led by our trained Program Directors and dedicated volunteers from various communities in the area. They are designed to ensure a positive and enriching experience for every child.

To ensure personalized attention and support, each participant is paired up with one or two volunteers based on their individual needs and strengths, allowing us to provide tailored guidance and assistance. Whether your child is a beginner or has prior tennis experience, we can accommodate your child’s abilities and needs, promote skill development, and foster a sense of accomplishment. Through tennis, we aim to enhance motor skills, social skills, and the overall well-being of our athletes. Regardless of whether your child has a formal diagnosis or not, we welcome children of all abilities to join us at ACEing Autism and become valued members of our vibrant community.

School-Based Programs

In early 2018, we began implementing our program in schools with the knowledge that we can make a larger impact, as kids will be able to play more hours of tennis per year. Each school has students playing tennis twice per week as part of their P.E. class, led by the physical education teacher. We now have teachers delivering our curriculum at 46 schools across the country, reaching an average of 70 kids per school. Over 3,300 students are benefiting from our curriculum.
We ask schools to make a minimum of a two-year commitment, delivering our curriculum two days per week for at least six weeks.
Our school-based programs can be delivered by your school’s PE teacher or a teacher with an interest in tennis.
We provide complete training as well as a full curriculum and all necessary equipment to successfully run your program.
Our school-based programming is free to students who are enrolled in the school. In addition, there is no fee for the school.

Adult Programs

We look forward to serving adult participants in the future. We’re currently conducting a few pilot programs, learning what support adult participants will benefit from, and identifying future program locations. If you’re in a location or associated with an adult residence that may benefit from an ACEing Autism program designed for adults, please let us know. We’d love to have a conversation.

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